LimboLane is an independent game studio founded by Gabe Lane and Yugo Limbo, here to bring you art that's experimental, inclusive, and evocative.


Smile For Me

Gabe and Yugo met over the internet in April of 2018. With a passion for animation, games, and the unconventional bringing them together, they set out work on Smile For Me almost immediately. The game’s development has been entirely remote, with the team-of-two separated by three time zones. That, of course, has hindered them none - long phone calls during scenic walks were spent dreaming up the crazy, surreal world of Smile For Me. Inspiration for LimboLane branches far and wide - from games by DoubleFine and Jay Tholen, to films by Masaaki Yuasa and David Lynch. Combining their visions, the members of LimboLane sought to tell an evocative, nontraditional story through the medium of Adventure Games. Having completed their first commercial release, the duo looks to the future with even more wild ideas in store.



Smile For Me Announcement Trailer YouTube


Awards & Recognition

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