Smile For Me is an unconventional first-person Point-and-Click Adventure about making people happy! Immerse yourself in a captivating multi-media world, and be the Silent Savior of the Habitat’s residents. Nod and Shake your head to chat with new friends - or hunt for clues to cheer them up. As “The Big Event" draws near, you must help the troubled residents of the Habitat and de-mask the mysterious Doctor Habit… before it's too late.


Smile For Me began when the two members of LimboLane first met on Tumblr in April of 2018. After seeing Yugo's art for the first time, Day reached out to propose a short first-person experiment, inspired by the likes of Bernband. Within a week, a concept had solidified and the two began prototyping mechanics and sketching a menagerie of characters and environments. Yugo’s love for multimedia materialized into the game’s collage-art and live-action puppetry, while Day's desire to create immersive, nontraditional mechanics resulted in the game’s nod-and-shake controls. All content was created remotely - with Day located in New York, and Yugo in Michigan, later California. Long phone calls were spent dreaming up the crazy, surreal aura that is Smile For Me. The first playable demo was finally crystalized in October of 2018, pumping the two up to see the project through like never before. Progress sailed through the winter, and into the next year, with a beta launching in early March. The game was released on May 31, 2019 on Steam and, for macOS and Windows.


  • Nod and Shake your head to chat with your new friends
  • Meet and help 23 unique characters with bizarre woes
  • A totally unique art style - combining 3D, 2D, Film, Photographs, and Puppetry.
  • Engage in branching conversations with tons of personality
  • Tackle tricky puzzles using dozens of bizarre items
  • Replayable! Discover bonus content and hidden endings.
  • Uncover the backstory of the Habitat


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Awards & Recognition

  • " Nuovo Award Honorable Mention " IGF, 2020
  • " Featured Selection " IndieCade Festival, 2019
  • " Featured Selection " Boston Festival of Indie Games, 2019
  • " Featured Selection " Malt Adult Games Showcase, 2019

Selected Articles

  • ...The plot itself - at least what I've been shown so far - is totally fresh.... The game is just really different from other things I've played recently.
    Stephanie Orme, Game Studies Professor at Emerson College,
  • Making people happy is, as it turns out, a good feeling. It is also somehow even more cheerfully absurd than this trailer makes out, which is both saying something and a wonderful surprise.
    Jay Castello, Rock Paper Shotgun,
  • Smile For Me is weird in the best of ways, with a ton of different elements coming together into an incredible whole.
    Jake Arias,,
  •’s clear the puzzles want you to have fun with the hijinks rather than tickle your brain too hard... the unconventional solutions to both mundane and absurd problems match the script’s humor to a tee.
    Alex Margavio, AdventureGamers Staff Writer,
  • The story is full of mystery and suspense, the characters are unique and likable, and the arc of the game feels satisfying and cohesive... It was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
    Graham Pentheny, Spryfox,

About LimboLane

LimboLane is an independent game studio founded by Day Lane and Yugo Limbo, here to bring you art that's experimental, inclusive, and evocative.
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